Prescribing ketamine in Australia

Lets begin with an overview of the complexity and requirements of each Australian state and territory of prescribing S8 or Controlled Substance drug, such as Ketamine .

State-based legal requirements for Schedule 8 prescriptions: why so complicated?

You should also refresh or learn the basics of Drug Scheduling in Australia, here SCHEDULING BASICS

  • As a registered medical practitioner you can legally prescribe ketamine but must follow your state specific legislation for ongoing prescription.
  • Be familiar with your state legislation or at least the state law in which you will be treating your patient.
  • most legislation advises you seek a second opinion from another medical colleague or specialist practitioner such as a pain specialist or psychiatrist. A supportive letter from a second practitioner is often useful to add to your ongoing prescription documentation

Now here are the websites to all the specific state and territory laws on prescribing process for S8 medication such as ketamine

New South Wales S8 prescribing

Western Australia S8 prescribing

Victorian S8 prescribing

South Australian S8 prescribing

Northern Territory S8 prescribing

Queensland S8 prescribing

Tasmanian S8 prescribing

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