Ketamine troches

Ketamine troches [lozenges] by Dr Stephen Hyde :


This formulation is now available through most compounding pharmacists in Australia and has the advantage over the liquid solution that it is stable for six months and at the 50 and 100mg doses it is cheaper for the patient.


It is available in 20mg, 50mg and 100mg dosages


  1. 10x 20mg lozenges [200mg total] cost $38
  2. 10x 50mg lozenges [500mg total] cost $58
  3. 5x 100mg lozenges [500mg total] cost $58


It can be easily halved and quartered.

It takes a little longer to absorb than the oral liquid, it is best that patients have a warm drink just before hand to moisten the mouth and it is well absorbed buccally as well as sublingually – bigger doses can be divided and placed in both cheeks.

Absorption takes 8-10 minutes; any remnants can be swallowed and will still be active.

12 thoughts on “Ketamine troches

  1. Thank you! I am researching for myself. I have CRPS and the nasal is not nearly enough. I thought there might be something for flares. If I could afford infusions, like most others, i would!


  2. Hi, I am interested in these lozenges to treat nerve pain after three bowel surgeries & opioid medication the last three years. I intend to speak to my GP about it & show him this webpage. I live in Rockhampton Queensland would it be available at pharmacies here or only on a special order?
    Thank you in advance for your advice.


    • Ketamine troches are special order via compounding pharmacies . I don’t know if any are providing this in Rockhampton . Please discuss with your GP for individualised health advice


  3. I also live in PA, USA. I have fourth stage RSD from two back surgeries gone terribly wrong that cut off the nerve passages to my Thecal Sac for more than a month. I have had this terrible disease for over ten years, during which the first two years I could not walk or function at all. I am looking for an alternative to the pain medicine I have been on for over ten years. I employ various methods of dealing with my pain on a daily basis and only have medicine to bring pain level to where it is tolerable for me. 6-7 out 10 on pain scale is the best it ever is and creeps up from there with each passing hour.
    Is this available in the USA and how would I go about talking to someone about it. Also, is it as addictive as other medications?


    • Yes it’s available in USA from compounding pharmacies but you’ll need a prescription from a physician . I’d suggest you see a pain medicine physician. Ketamine has addiction risk like morphine but it varies with the person and the condition


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