Wafermine : ketamine wafers

Wafermine is a novel wafer preparation of ketamine for sublingual use. Its available to hospitals in Australia under a special access regulation and initial approved indication is post operative analgesia.
Ketamine Wafers Br J Clin Pharmacol

Wafermine Presriber Information- May 2017

2 thoughts on “Wafermine : ketamine wafers

  1. I use to be on 100 mg troches for 5 years till the government brought in that you needed a authority number . Is there away to get troches with out the authority number ? I need it for depression and chronic pain I’m under a pain management dr


    • Ive recently asked the TGA about this and you still need a special access scheme authorisation by them to prescribe ketamine for chronic pain or depression . Your pain doctor can try to apply for this but TGA usually limit time of the authorisation because they believe there is no evidence that long term use is more beneficial than risk of long term problems like bladder inflammation


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