1 thought on “Ketamine for psychiatric treatments in Australia in 2019

  1. I have yet to form an opinion of medical practices opening Ketamine infusion clinics. The drug has more than proven itself as the best treatment for suicidal people as well as refractory depression, PTSD, etc. and, unless the DEA has changed it’s scheduled class (it was CIII when I was working as a nurse) than if a person acquired it for personal use I cannot imagine sever penalties given. I also doubt that with basic knowledge of the so called “dark net” a person would be at much risk. My problem with the clinics popping up everywhere charging 600$ to 3000$ for a drug that literally cost pennies.

    I just cannot get behind a movement that accepts enormously obscene amounts of money so people can get a buzz while those who need it end up dead. Also, and I am speaking from experience, it is not the drug that produces this profound result. It is the dissertation from yourself. These new drugs (Esketsmine and such) try to limit this effect. It is because there is no longer a patent on the drug and high yield processing is a well guarded subject.

    Just my opinion.


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