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This is an educational website for health professionals interested and working with ketamine for medical uses ranging from anaesthesia, psychiatry to emergency medicine.

The information and ideas presented or discussed on this site and its forums are for educational purposes only and do not replace medical advice from a registered medical practitioner for any specific case or condition.

Hi, I am the Chief Editor and author of this website Dr Minh Le Cong

Hi, I am the Chief Editor and author of this website
Dr Minh Le Cong

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  1. Hi Dr Minh Le Cong,

    I saw your blog and that you are active in social media. Other than street address and phone number I have been unable to find Stephen J Hyde’s email address. I am a physician using ketamine for several patients. His book has no address. I am interested in dosaging for particular types of patients.


  2. Hi Dr Minh Le Cong,
    My son is a patient and has been prescribed ketamine troches for CRPS/intractable pain. He also has a severe sleep problem The ketamine troches were working well and for the first time in 6 years my son was showing remarkable improvements in his functionality and mind set. Prior to this he spent most of his time in bed. This all changed when we were required to get our scripts filled by another compounding pharmacy through no fault of ours. Our greatest problem now is the variation in the bio availability between scripts and compounding pharmacies. This has left my son in an even worst state. Dr Stephen J Hyde makes reference to the formulation. It seems that most compounding pharmacies are buying the base rather that making it themselves. We have also observed that the bio availability is also dependant on the process used in manufacturing the troches. Do you have any thoughts on this and possible options for my son.

    Thank you



    • Hi Ray
      Compounded troches will always have some variation unfortunately . Suggestions are : 1. trial of increased troche strength and/or dosage but only after agreement with prescribing physician . 2. Alternative standardised formulation like the ketamine injection liquid taken orally or sublingual or nasally . 3. Wafermine is commercial ketamine wafer formulation available in Australia through special access hospital scheme . Discuss with your prescribing physician and all Best with helping your son


  3. Hi Dr Minh Le Cong

    Thank you for your best wishes and valued response. For your information we sort from our GP a script to double the strength of the troches. There was no improvement in the bio availability, only a increase in the nasty chemical taste and an uneasy feeling in the stomach.
    I will pass on your suggestions to my Son
    Kind Regards


  4. Hi Dr Minh

    If ketamine is to work for me, and is taken in the form of lozenges at a therapeutic dose, how long would you expect it to kick in? Is it fairly instant like with IV ketamine, or longer?

    Thanks for your great work


  5. Hi Dr Minh

    Thanks for your great work.

    If ketamine lozenges were to work for me, and are taken at a therapeutic dose, how long should I expect to see a result? Is it fairly instant like with IV ketamine, or a number of weeks like with SsRIS?



    • Ketamine lozenges act rapidly , usually an effect is felt within 10 min so its similar to IV ketamine , when used under tongue


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