The Ketamine vs All battle continues — EM in Focus

ketamine. Ketamine. Ketamine! KETAMINE!!!! Is there anything the SoMe wonderdrug can not do? I mean, isn’t the answer *always* ketamine? This is a single center, randomized, prospective parallel study for patients aged 18-70 with moderate to severe acute, traumatic, orthopaedic pain with pain scale >80 on VAS. With about 25 patients per treatment arm, they […]

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KINDER trial – Ketamine Intranasally Delivered in Emergency Room

KINDER – KETAMINE INTRANASALLY DELIVERERED IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM: A multicentre randomised control trial of IN versus IV/IM ketamine for paediatric sedation in the Emergency Department. Is a totally needle-free approach feasible?

Townsville ED trials new approach for pain relief for children with broken bones